Digital Print Technologies Advance Direct Mail Marketing

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Advanced print technology has allowed marketers to leverage direct mail like never before. People thought that print would disappear as web communication grew because print is considered not as flexible as digital communication, However, this has not been the case. Print technologies like QR codes, augmented reality, etc., have transformed print marketing. Print is now capable of being as interactive and flexible as anything on the web.

Designers today are always looking for the next new technique they can use to create more advanced print communications. With the introduction of new options for toners, liquid toners and a variety of inkjets, they have created new techniques that offer improved finishing. They are opening doors to high coverage printing on a wider variety of substrates (base material on which images are printed).

EP (electrophotographic printing), which is a dry photocopying technique, offers the option of printing white on dark substrates by using metallic colors and a wide variety of glossy, matte and textured coatings that may be printed in-line or added in post-processing. There are options to custom formulate colors and extend the color palette to more than the traditional four colors including light cyan, light magenta, light yellow and grey variations. These options have increased the possibilities of customization and personalization, which in turn have improved marketing collateral and direct marketing needs.

With the advance of inkjet technology, printing options have increased to include high resolution printing, custom color formulations, and the ability to print on more substrates.

Both EP and inkjet technologies have taken print to the next level of being able to provide completely customized services for direct mail.

Instead of letting your marketing messages gather in an inbox unread with ‘select all’ deleted, you can use highly advanced print technologies to your advantage. There is a digital print option for every direct mail marketing method, such as post cards, flyers, letters, self- mailers, business reply cards, or anything else that you want to put in the mail.

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