How to Create an Effective Direct Mail Campaign


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a new way of promoting your product, service, or business. The United States Postal Service’s EDDM program allows you to have your direct mail delivered to individual neighborhoods using carrier routes, instead of mailing to specific names and addresses. As a business owner, it is important for you to understand the vast range of communication channels that your customers interact with and use on a daily basis. Your direct mail needs to reach out to your customers. Here’s how you can make it effective.

Give it a professional look

Ensure that branding is consistent in all the marketing tools such as in your emails, mails, websites and on social media platforms. Use high-quality graphics and images for all the marketing material. Hiring a designer from Chase Press will ensure that your direct mail is effective and attractive.

Give a persuasive offer

When you are designing your direct mail, focus on benefits and conveniences that your business provides. Make the offer easy to understand and use. Provide clear directions to your customers by providing your phone number or email.

Target the right customer

Using geographic targeting can help target the right customers. You can take the help of existing customer demographic profile data to target your customers. You can also use demographic filters and geographic filters which will help you be more specific.

Provide a return address

A return address will ensure that you get returned mail from the post office. This communicates that you’re an established professional. When people see it, they feel confident to know that the company they’re dealing with has an actual location.

Focus on a single goal

Ensure that you keep all of the branding, messaging, offers, and supporting tasks such as customer service, sales, and other parts of your business focused on a single and primary goal.

Get in touch with Chase Press for EDDM

Chase Press will custom-design your EDDM to promote your marketing message while maintaining your brand. We are efficient, cost effective, and you can custom design your post card. You can call us at 866-387-9914 or email us


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