Benefits of direct door mail over e-mail

Benefits of direct door mail over e-mail

With the increase of online marketing, marketing has become very accessible. However, direct mail has been proven to be more effective than e-mail. The response rate for direct mail has been found to be higher than the response rate for emails. People pay more attention to direct mail than any other medium of advertisement.

Highly Targeted

Direct mail is highly targeted. Ensuring that you get all the information you need about your customers while creating a list of recipients.

Direct mail will be opened

Because your brand is physically entering a person’s household, there is a higher chance of it being opened. Your direct mail will seem more like an invitation and less like spam if it is done correctly. Ensure that there is something of value being offered to the recipient.

Enhanced delivery

Sending a direct mail has options such as including freebies in your packages. This will help promote your business while presenting your potential client with a gift.

The personal touch

Sending direct mail will help you to connect with your customer at a personal level. Direct mail helps you to talk directly to your customers as soon as they open the mail.

Direct mail is cost efficient

Creating the mail design is easy and reasonably priced, and mailing them is also relatively economical. There are mass mail rates available for direct mail campaigns.

Direct mail is effective

Direct mail has been found to be very effective and has been used for a long time at lower cost.

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