The Right Way to Find Your Target Audience

Target audience

Target audiences are potential buyers of a product or service you offer. Keeping a target audience per product or service is imperative as different products often have different target audiences. Though your products might appeal to many people, marketing to everyone is going to cost you time and money. Selecting a target audience and deciding who will be on the receiving end of your marketing effort will make your business grow faster. Take a look at some tips to help you define your target audience.

Analyze your products

Figure out your selling point. Think about the customers who are looking for the products you offer. Think about who might be interested or may benefit from what you offer.

Analyze your customer base

Find out as much as you can about your current customers. Look for common interests and characteristics. Similar people can benefit from your business.

Choose specific demographics to target

After analyzing your products and customer base, figure out those who are most likely to take action like buying, donating or volunteering. Find out their age, zip code, gender, education, marital status, income etc.

Consider the psychographics of your target

Find out their interests, hobbies, lifestyle etc.

Evaluate your competitors

Check out your competitors and evaluate their marketing strategies. This may help you better define your customer base. Work to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Evaluate your decision

If you are not confident about your target audience, do more research. Online research – articles, blogs or magazines can tell you more about your target audience. Find out more about their opinions through forums and blogs.

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