Design tips for effective direct mail postcards

Postcard design

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service is a small business-friendly solution launched by the United States Postal Service which delivers flyers or postcards to your target market at affordable rates. It is one of the best ways to drive return on investment and increase business profitability. However, in order to get the maximum benefit out of this service, it is very important to have a great postcard design. Postcards earn high response rates when used correctly. Here are some design tips for effective direct mail postcards for your business:

  • Larger postcards make a huge impact in the mailbox and almost always get a first look. They also give more room for images, information and perhaps some great coupons.
  • Use color carefully and intelligently throughout your postcard design. Headlines and other important texts should be catchy.
  • The postcard should be designed in such a way that it displays the most important messages. Too much of information on the postcard can put off the customer. Your message should be simple and direct.
  • Create an interest to motivate your customers to take the next step in the purchasing process.
  • Including pictures associated with the business instantly catches the attention of the reader.
  • Use an easy and relevant URL that customers can remember.
  • Start your pitch on the back of the postcard to motivate customers to turn your postcard over to read the rest of your pitch.
  • The postcard should deliver a valuable offer to the customers. Offers like discounts, coupons, promotional codes, free products and free services all drive response.
  • Hiring a professional graphic designer can help you produce effective results and higher response rates. Your postcard design should be compelling and offer-focused.
  • Invest in cost-efficient high-quality postcards printed in full-color. It demonstrates that you are in the business of delivering quality products and services.
  • Ensure the company logo is well placed to gain attention from prospects and customers.
  • Proof read your postcard details to ensure that there are no errors. Always include phone number, web address, email and social media information.
  • Call to action is important. Tell the prospects exactly what you want them to do. For example, “Call today for more information” or “Visit our website today”.
  • Provide contact information like your name, phone number and web address following the call to action.
  • Include a return address.

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