The Top 10 Advantages of Using Postcards


Marketing your products or services to your customers is vital for creating a successful business. Using postcards is an effective way to reach potential customers within the comfort of their own homes. Whether your business is small or large, postcard marketing can be just as effective as lengthy advertising.

The following are the top 10 advantages of using postcards:

  • Affordable: Postcard marketing requires limited investment. It is affordable even for the smallest of businesses.
  • No competition: When you market with postcards, you advertise it publicly without competition. The only people who see your advertisements are your prospective customers.
  • Easy to track results: Postcard promotions are easy to track. The postcard can tell customers to bring the card into the store for a special discount, or it can ask them to use a trackable code when purchasing from your website.
  • Postcards are versatile: You can target new customers, existing customers and previous customers in a single mailing. You can also use various post cards to deliver your business message.
  • Can build your brand: Postcard marketing can help build up your business brand more than any other marketing tool. When you maintain a regular postcard mailing program, your business can gain reputation and fame.
  • Easy to test an offer: It is easy to test an offer with postcards. You can send your postcard to a small group of people and monitor the response. You can also modify the offer and repeat the test. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can launch a bigger mailing.
  • Postcards save time: Postcards recipients can read your message right away even if they aren’t interested in what you are offering—they don’t even have to open an envelope.
  • Takes limited space: Postcards don’t occupy a lot of space. They can easily fit in customer’s pockets or pocketbooks. They are also easy to display.
  • Inexpensive to print: Postcards costs less compared to other direct mail programs. The only expenses are for printing and mailing services.
  • Easy to redeem: If you are offering a discount, your customers can easily redeem it by bringing the postcard to your store or by entering a special tracking code on your website.

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