Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail provides the perfect opportunity to market your products or services directly to your customers. It can boost your business and raise profits. However, proper planning is the key to successful direct mail marketing. Consider the following tips for a direct mail marketing campaign:

  • Sell products or services people want: It is important to understand what your potential customers really want. No matter how great you think your product or service may be, no one will buy it if they don’t need it.
  • Offer solutions to problems: People deal with issues and complications on a daily basis. So offer a product or service that can solve a customers’ problem or meet their needs.
  • Add value to your brand: A key part of direct marketing is the value added promotion. If your direct mail marketing promotion doesn’t include sales, rebates, or bonuses then you’re wasting your money. It is important to offer customers a great value without breaking your budget.
  • Use proven techniques: While there may not be a universal set of techniques for all circumstances, there are a few methods that have been proven to work. A few examples are offers with a time-limit or free gifts, sweepstakes, involvement of people, and envelope packages.
  • Value Content over Creativity: One of the main reasons advertising fails is because of the lack of effective copy. At times advertisers get lost in the creative vision and forget the purpose of what needs to be communicated. Focus on the message before getting creative.
  • Provide clear information: It is important to provide clear information to your customers about what you are offering and how your products or services can benefit them. Direct marketing messages should include the following basic elements: an offer, information for your reader to accept the offer, and a method of responding.
  • Measure the results: It is important to monitor every campaign and measure the sales it generates. However, you should always test against a smaller market to evaluate your rate of return before launching a large campaign.
  • Follow up: To maximize the value of your investment follow up with your customers. Try following up with a personalized postcard, brochure, or sales letter. A phone call can also be a useful way to follow up with a customer, as long as it is appropriate and permission is granted. People tend to be a little more disconcerting about a stranger calling them about any purchases.

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